High-quality office and retail premises in the heart of Helsinki

High-quality office and retail premises in the heart of Helsinki

Sponda, one of Finland’s leading real estate asset management companies, has had a building permit approved for the development of a new prime office and retail building at Mannerheimintie 14, combining high-quality design and sustainability in Helsinki’s unique and historic cityscape.

Once developed, the new building will become a lasting part of Helsinki’s city centre and contribute to the city’s goal of carbon neutrality.

The new building will house high-quality office and retail premises that meet the needs and expectations of modern businesses, their employees and brands, suitable for company headquarters or flagship stores. The building is designed to be extremely energy-efficient and adaptable, whilst offering high quality, first-class facilities.

Key figures

16,900 m2

Total lettable area

12,300 m2

Office area

4,400 m2

Retail area

16.900 m2

Total lettable area

12,300 m2

Office area

4,400 m2

Retail area


What is the Mannerheimintie 14 property development project?

The Mannerheimintie 14 premises are located in the centre of Helsinki, at the corner of Mannerheimintie and Kalevankatu. The building is owned and managed by Sponda, one of the leading real estate asset management companies in Finland.

Plans, which have been approved by the City of Helsinki, include demolishing the existing building at Mannerheimintie 14 and replacing it with new, modern, high-quality office and retail premises. The proposed new building will not only complement Helsinki’s historic cityscape and respect its heritage, but offer new modern facilities that will match the needs of the city’s residents, consumers and businesses for years to come. The new building will encourage more businesses to move to the centre of Helsinki and help promote the viability of the area.

Sustainability and energy-efficiency have been central part of the planning process and evaluation of the property’s possible development options for the new building. It has been designed to the highest environmental standards, with the target to achieve a LEED Platinum environment certificate, WELL certificate and an A level energy classification. Constructing a new building has also proven to be a more ecological option than renovating the existing building. The assessment has been carried out based on the calculation methods of the Ministry of Environment.

What will the new building look like?

The architecture of the new building is a modern interpretation of traditional building construction used in the Helsinki city centre. It is also influenced by the more than 100-year-old ornate buildings in the neighbourhood. The long façade on the Mannerheimintie side of the new building is divided into two slightly different parts and is to scale with the older neighbouring buildings. An open glass window façade has been designed for the ground floor, and the building is placed in a street line that is typical for traditional downtown construction.

Minimalist architecture, timeless design, use of first-class materials and high-quality finishes will ensure that the new Mannerheimintie 14 building will become a lasting part of the cityscape.

SARC Architects, who designed the new building, have plenty of experience with significant urban development projects in Helsinki. Long-term sustainability and carbon neutrality have guided the design process.

What is the timeline for the project?

Active marketing to potential tenants will be started shortly.

The detailed timeline for the premises will be completed in cooperation with the new anchor tenants.

Why is constructing a new building a sensible choice?

Helsinki city centre has limited large, modern and flexible premises available that fit the needs and requirements of corporate headquarters and flagship stores. We believe there is demand for such facilities, particularly after the coronavirus pandemic, which has changed the way businesses and employees use workspaces. Companies are now looking for sustainable premises that support their company culture, staff wellbeing and drive recruitment. The new building will also attract companies to the centre of Helsinki and contribute to the vitality of the area.

Adaptability and energy efficiency are major strengths of the new building. The premises can be flexibly transformed according to customer needs and to suit different purposes – from open-plan space to activity-based offices that support hybrid work or to experiential retail premises. According to a life cycle assessment prepared by an external expert, a highly energy efficient new building would also be the most ecological long-term solution.

Improving the environmental friendliness, adaptability and user comfort of the existing building in a way that will best serve the changing needs of office and business premises would be very difficult if the existing structure was renovated.

Why is constructing a new building a more ecological solution than renovating the existing one?

A carbon footprint covering the entire property lifecycle has been calculated for the renovation of the existing building as well as for the demolition of the existing building and a construction of a new one in its place. Following this, in the long run the carbon footprint of a new building was found to be smaller even after the demolition of the existing building and the construction work. The carbon footprint per user would be 34% smaller in the new building, compared to if the existing building was refurbished.

The proposed new building would be extremely energy-efficient and with the use of green energy and by compensating the use of other types of energy, this building would be carbon neutral in use. The energy used in the building will be through a mix of renewables, including electricity generated by solar panels installed on the roof and by wind power. Additionally, the proposed plans follow the green deal agreement for demolition, which includes a goal to increase the reuse and recycling of the materials gained from demolished constructions.




Architects: ”A new building looks into the future while also respecting the cityscape”

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Architects: ”A new building looks into the future while also respecting the cityscape” The office building located in the Helsinki city centre at Mannerheimintie 14 and constructed in 1963 is…

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